Blanc Fumé de Pouilly - Les Bois de St-Andelain

Michel REDDE, seeing the potential of this unique soil went buy of the whole lot, but the warned solicitor spoke about it around him and made followers.

Further to it, Michel Redde managed to buy half (10 Ha) and the other half was shared between 3 other wine-growers.

To make exploitable this plot of land in vineyard, it was necessary to deforest it and work the soil.

Although placed in the peak and in the center of the vineyard Pouilly Fumé (in Saint-Andelain), this plot of land was not classified in the zone of Appellation controlée.
Further to soil analyses and of basement, we made a request with the INAO (National Institute of Appellation d'Origines) which gave us their agreement, provided that the Wine-making Labor union authorizes him to us.

What was never possible to obtain, considering the jealousy of the fellow winemakers who always oppose there. This is when Michel Redde declared during a meeting of the labor union that he would plant his plot of land in table wine if needed one, that he would take out a vintage of it which he will call "Curses", and would sell her dearer than the others!

In 1982, Thierry Redde, son of Michel Redde, made a request of plantation on this plot of land, with his rights of young wine grower. This one was accepted.

In 1985, during the first harvest, samples were taken for the approval and obtained the labelling Pouilly Fumé.

Today, this soil is recognized as one of the biggest which makes the world fame of the Appellation.


Grape variety :

100% Sauvignon

Type of soil :

- Red Albian flint (period of the inferior cretaceous)
- It is situated in the village of Saint-Andelain, peak of the appellation, Michel REDDE has purchased these plots of land in the early 70'S.

Vineyard age :

30 years old

Productivity :

40-45 hl/ha

Harvest :

Manual worker in 10-12 kgs small boxes

Winemaking notes :

Vinified and matured in wooden tun and high wooden barrel during 10 up to 12 months on fine lees.

Alcoholic fermentation between 18 and 20 °C.

Tasting notes :

It is recommended to decant it in order to let its mineral and spicy pureness go out.

To keep :

10 to 15 years